Impats in NL

Bert Wiskie introduces: the Netherlands

For almost twenty years I have been accompanying foreign impats in the Netherlands getting familiar with their new working environment and with the Dutch.

Expats in the Netherlands

Amsterdam alone hosts more than 40.000 registered expats who contribute to the city’s economy. Many of these have surprising experiences with the locals. Well educated foreigners realize that it is not always easy to get on with the Dutch and their behaviour, mindset and ideas. To put it bluntly (typically Dutch), the Dutch are very different….


With the toolbox and the training of Bert Wiskie you get to know the Dutch like no one else. Equipped with a lot of international insights, longterm cosmopolitan experience and his profound knowledge about Dutch culture he is your ideal compagnon.


Multinational companies, various governments, Dutch departments, international organizations as well as hundreds of individuals are among his clients.

The Expats-toolbox

The toolbox consists of three elements:
– briefing and training                                         2,5 hours
– a visit to the Rijksmuseum                            1,5 hours
– a walk through the city of Amsterdam  1,5 hours

You can choose a single element or any combination that you prefer. In less than six hours you get to know the Dutch. You are familiar with the character, behaviour and mindset of the local population.


Group trainings are among Bert Wiskie’s most popular instruction tools. The very entertaining in-corporate show  ‘How to become Dutch within 60 minutes!” is a mind-opener. Interactive, illustrated with short video’s, and remarkable examples open you up…. And after 60 minutes you have learned  more about the Dutch than you ever imagined before. In a playful way – the Dutch Way – you have become sensitive to and aware of the many facets of Dutch behaviour.



Intercultural Management Specialist